My name is Sandii. My "United Nations" family has origins in Australia, USA & Guatemala.

Have you ever been asked "If you could do anything in life and money was no concern, what would you do?" I don't think I have ever been able to answer that question. But recently I read that whatever you do when you are procrastinating is probably what you should be doing ... hmmm ...

Things I do when procrastinating are; photography, photo editing, digital scrapbooking, managing Social Media, raising chickens, growing vegetables & gardening in general, organizing things (objects, not events), homesteading, self-sufficiency (growing & preserving food, renewable energy), travelling, caving, blogging, and recycling/repurposing whatever I can. I also love to sing.

A couple things I am sure about:

  • I love God, my husband, and my kids. 
  • I want the best for my family. 
  • I am an introvert; an extrovert out of necessity only. 
  • I am a borderline helicopter parent. 
  • I often speak before I think, and offer advice before it is sought.
  • I can count to ten in five languages; beyond twenty in three of them!

For those we know and love in the farther reaches of this planet; hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to introduce my family to you in person :) Until then, get to know us through this journal of our family adventures ...

Thanks for reading!