Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April ... meet our new Peeps!

Hello. My name is Sandii. {Hi Sandii!} I'm a chook-a-holic!

Here we go again ... I couldn't resist these 6 little peeps at Tractor Supply store ... 1 Buff Orpington (Agnes), 3 Red Sexlinks (Margot, Edith & Lucy), and 2 Tetra Tints (Thing 1 & Thing 2) ...

Our rule of not naming new additions to the flock (in case we want to eventually eat them!) was definitely broken! Oh well. In the meantime, we're enjoying the extreme cuteness :)

Agnes                                  Edith

   Lucy                                   Margot

Thing 2                                    Thing 1

They grow & change so quickly! Check them out below at two weeks (Margot, Edith, Agnes & Lucy) & three weeks (Things 1&2) old ...

And within a couple weeks their true colors are starting to show.

Pecking Order

Things 1 & 2 rule the roost, and rightly so as they are a week older than the rest. Thing two has a small dark smudge on her back feathers that sets her apart from Thing 1. Margot likes to face off with the Things and holds her own for the most part. Edith is very skittish and is always ready to defend herself if needed. Agnes is a little shy and keeps away from conflict by finding refuge in a corner or roost bar. She'll tolerate a cuddle. And dear Lucy, she is the sweetheart of the bunch, most petite, and friendliest. She responds to her name and doesn't mind a cuddle.

With the onset of warmer weather (finally!) the girls have had some outside time ... we have an old crib that makes a great play pen for them. Lucy, being a little petite, discovered that she could fit between the bars, but she didn't wander far, and even squeezed back in to join her sisters again!


We have to get to work next week and build their coop over at the other house. They are ready for some space to run & test their wings! And they may yet be joined by more ... K & T are studying embryology in their third grade classes, and hatching eggs :) We hope to adopt some of the chicks (White Leghorns). And I put some "feelers" out for interest in organic eggs ... lets just say we would need at least 40 chickens to meet the requests so far! Yikes! I'm game, just not sure dear hubby is as far on board as I am!

K-man is enduring his annual swim lessons ... I got him a full rash guard suit to help him deal with the cold water — the kid does not have any "insulation" on his body — and he seems to be doing great so far. His hip-hop dance recital is in about eight weeks, and we just got the costume ... check him out ... how cool is this kid?! Can't wait to see him dance!
Oh, we have made our first improvement to the new house. 4 hrs + 2 parents = a 14x16ft trampoline! Happy Easter kids!

Have trampoline, have happy kids & friends :)
April is living up to its reputation for showers ... the month is coming to an end with a huge storm system parked on top of us promising 3-5 inches of rain. These April showers better bring the May flowers promised :)