Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our baby is nine!

Our precious Princesita turned 9 today! She grows more beautiful each day, inside and out. She likes swimming, rubber band crafts, spending time with her best-est friend H, cuddling chickens, family movie nights, cooking, riding her bike, and bouncing on the trampoline ... to name a few things. Pink & purple remain her favorite colors. Berries top her list of favorite foods. She has a great laugh — one of those deep belly laughs — and a gorgeous smile. She is sensitive, caring, hard working, and something of a perfectionist! And I am truly blessed to be her Mama. 

I first laid eyes on this Guatemalan Treasure when she was just days old ... look at those beautiful chubby cheeks and all that hair!! It would be 3 more months until I met her face to face, and she became our "forever daughter" just prior to turning 5 months old! Praise God for such a special blessing!

Her Birthday Menu was months in the planning, and this is what she finally settled on ...

Birthday gifts galore!

I can't believe how quickly my children are growing! I am so blessed for the opportunity to work a very flexible part-time job that allows me to spend so much time with them in these formative years. I view it as an investment.

So, I now have two nine-year olds ... "like twins" as they are called ... though the other one will turn ten next month! WHAT??!! B.R.E.A.T.H.E.