Sunday, November 2, 2014

Better than therapy!

Our September hatchlings, a.k.a "The Birdie Bunch" are one month old.

When my volcano blows it's top (more frequently than I care to admit) I go and hang out with my peeps ... it's better — and cheaper — than therapy! Their cuteness melts my stress and soothes my soul.

They run for me, or at least for the treats I usually carry with me, and they jostle each other at my feet to get the best bites ... when their crops are full they get social. Four of the eight chicks now come to me voluntarily ... they fly up to the roost bar and then step onto my hand if I hold it out, with the bolder ones taking a flying leap and landing on my shoulder!

Having raised four batches of chicks in the last two years, my observations lead me to believe there are four pullets/gals & four roosters/guys in this lot ... solely based on comb & wattle development. Bigger comb/wattle = roo.

Although it's still a little early, we have named three of the chicks ... Fluffy 1 is Midnight (presumably a pullet), Fluffy 2 is Pharoah (assuming roo), and Fluffy 5 is Fancy Nancy, because [she?] has feathered legs. I think Fluffies 4 & 2 are pullets, and the rest roos, though Fluffy 8 still has me wondering.

Midnight & Pharoah are the friendliest & first to approach me, with 6 & 8 becoming bolder each visit. I am currently doing an online chicken keeping course, and the teacher calls it "self-selection" - where the chickens decide themselves if they want to be personable (rather than being trained or forced.) Fancy Nancy stays as far away as she can, just like her (assumed) mother Betty Faverolles (Flock #3)!

This is the way to spend a time out!! Or a spare 10-20 minutes anytime!

Our September Hatchlings at 2 days old.