Sunday, February 1, 2015

Before and After

We adopted seven rooster-weary, feather-beaten hens in September last year (2014).

As you can see they were a pretty sorry sight when they came to us :(

Super Betty wore her apron/cape proudly! 
With a rooster-free coop, a little TLC, and some attempts at aprons for a little extra warmth and protection ... I thought you might be interested in seeing how beautiful they are now!

Two of the girls are yet to finish re-feathering ... Anna, who had bare shoulders and a bald head when we got her decided to molt in December ... so she almost looks worse (see below.) I think Lacey is doing the same, as she still has a bald back (though the patch is smaller) ... and she has managed to get the apron off three or four times now. Despite that she is enduring our sub-freezing winter just fine.

Now waiting for them to start laying again! Come on Spring!