Sunday, March 15, 2015

News from the Peeps - Week 4!

Hi Third Graders!

It's getting a little crowded in here! We are growing every day and have a good lot of proper feathers now. The girls feathers look nice and sleek. The boys look a little rough-around-the-edges ... their feathers are not coming in so pretty as the girls. The boys combs are turning pink and are noticeably bigger than the girls. The girls combs are finer and still yellow.

The girls are sleek and pretty, with short yellow combs

The boys feathers are not growing as sleek as the girls, and their
combs are getting bigger and pinker.

Feeding time!! The boys head and shoulder feathering makes them easy to pick out of the crowd.
Mrs. Peiffer told us she is building a bigger brooder-coop for us to move into soon ... but we have to get all our feathers first, so maybe another week or two. It will be great to have some more space!

In other news, Midnight & Marigold's two sisters (Fancy Nancy & Cleopatra) laid their first eggs this week, and are now considered hens! We expect Midnight & Marigold to lay eggs very soon! They are just over 5 months old (23 weeks.)

The girl Leghorn Chicks should start laying eggs around July 1, maybe sooner as they are known to mature early.

We look forward to visiting you this Friday! You won't even recognize us! That's if Mrs. Peiffer can catch us ... we are so skittish and quick to run away!!

See you soon!

Cheep, cheep from your peeps!!