Saturday, March 21, 2015

News from the Peeps - Week 5!

Hi Third Graders!

We missed seeing you on Friday :( But we're not quite ready to go out in the snow just yet, as we're still growing in our feathers. The girls are pretty much pullets now, having lovely, sleek, white {miniature} feathers from head to tail, and no signs of the fluffy, downy feathers that we hatched with. The boys, now cockerels, still have new feathers coming in on their shoulders, making them look a little scruffy yet, but look at those big pink combs and wattles! It makes them easy to pick out of the crowd.

You won't believe how much we've grown! We fill two-thirds of the brooder box now and we're almost ready to move into a bigger space. Problem is it's still too cold outside. So to get prepared, we only have a heat lamp on at night now (and our body heat keeps the brooder warm too) and then we have regular white lights (like you can see below) on during the day when we're more active ... and being active also keeps us warm (around 70º-80ºF) 

We eat alot ... when Mrs. P feeds us it is a frenzy to see who can get to the feeder first ... after she closes the wire lid that is! We love the food and treats we get, but we really are "chicken" when it comes to anyone reaching into the brooder, and we crowd frantically at the other end until all is clear. Then it's time to chow down! 

This pretty little PULLET (girl) has sleek white feathers and still a tiny comb.
This handsome little COCKEREL has ragged shoulders and some tailfeathers
starting to show, big feet (compared to the girls) and very pink combs and wattles.
We still don't know how many boys versus girls, as we move too quickly for anyone to count!

Mrs. P told us she built a new bigger brooder-coop in her garage, and that we'll be moving as soon as the weather hits 50ºF consistently ... hopefully next week — maybe the girls first (as they are fully-feathered) and then the boys a week later (giving them more time to feather out.) We can't wait to see it! Maybe then Mrs. P will be able to figure out the count of pullets vs. cockerels!

Well, so long as it doesn't snow, we hope to see you Thursday afternoon this week!

Cheep, cheep from your Peeps!