Friday, March 27, 2015

News from the Peeps - Week 6!

It's getting kinda crowded in here Mrs. P!!

Hi Third Graders!

It was getting a little crowded in the brooder-box, given how much we've grown. And a little stinky too! Soooo ... drum roll please ... we moved to a great big brooder-coop in the garage!!

WOW! This place is HUGE!!

This place is HUGE! There's plenty of room to test our wings and run around, plenty of food and water, and a nice big box to huddle in at night for extra warmth, or jump up on top of to test our wings. We can even see the sky through a great big window! All we need now is a dust bath and a roost bar!

So, we started off each eating about a teaspoon of food per per day when we were cute, fuzzy little chickies ... now we eat about a pound of food per week!! We get wet, mushy food, kinda like oatmeal, in the mornings, and dry food in the afternoons so we can fill our crops (the first part of our digestive system) before going to bed at sundown (it helps us grow as we sleep!)

And I know you have been eagerly waiting to hear how many cockerels (boys) and how many pullets (girls) there are? Drum roll please ....... there are 25 cockerels, and 21 pullets! As you saw on Thursday last week, and in the pictures, it's pretty easy to tell between us!!

All this running around is thirsty work!!
When the weather stays above freezing, we'll move to an outdoor "Chicken Tractor" - which is a portable coop that can be moved around to allow us to graze on fresh grass & bugs each week. But for the time being, we're going to enjoy all the space we have in here! Chippeeeee!

Cheep, cheep from your Peeps!