Sunday, March 1, 2015

News from the Peeps - week two

We love our cozy brooder and our new roost bar (we're standing on it in the back there)
Hi Third Graders!

Week two has been very exciting!

We now have a roost bar in our brooder, because we like to get up off the ground and then try out our tiny wings! We also like to eat a little sand and grit to help us digest our food. And when we're not doing either of those things ... we sleep!

We like to take a nap in the sand/grit bowl ... it's nice and cozy for three of us!

The rest of us like to snuggle up close to each other when we nap.
Mrs. Peiffer calls "Chickadee, Chickadee!" when she feeds us and fills our waterer! And she sings to us to try and calm us down because we get a little scared when we see a big hand reaching in to our brooder!

We like to scratch around in the sawdust with our feet, a skill that we will practice a lot so when we get outside into a coop, or the garden, we'll do that to look for seeds, and bugs, and bits of grit to eat.

Chicken facts: For the first 4-5 weeks, we are considered chicks. Then when we are feathered out we become pullets (girls) or cockerels (boys). When the pullets lay eggs they become hens and when the cockerels crow "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!" they are roosters! Chances are our flock will be half girls and half boys. We'll let you know!

Those of us who visited you last week now have colored rubber bands around our legs, so we can keep track of whether we grow into hens or roosters based on the feather patterns we talked about.

Will "Purple" here be a boy? We think so because his wings are short, and tail feathers slow to emerge. His comb is a little bigger too.
Will "Pink" here be a girl? We think so because her wings are bigger and fuller, and her little tail feathers are really sprouting.
Cheep, cheep from your PEEPS!