Sunday, April 26, 2015

News from the Peeps - Week 10!!

Hi Third Graders!

Do you notice anything strange about this picture?? Look close, look really close ...

We woke up Sunday morning and they were GONE! Who?? The GIRLS!! They're ALL gone!! Just us boys hanging out in the garage coop now.

Nope, can't see any of the girls from up here! Meanwhile, check out how big we are getting!!

Now it's all combs and wattles, and a whole bunch of crowing!! So where are the girls anyway??

We're out here boys, right outside the window! We have our own outside coop & run now! It was a bit of a rough night on Saturday night ... someone came in the dark (we couldn't see who it was because we're night blind) and took us away. We woke up Sunday morning and we were in these strange new surroundings ...

It took us a little while to pluck-up-the-courage (get it, pluck up ...) to explore our new living space. The coop is very cozy, with a couple of roosting bars and a floor of fresh hay. Outside in the run there was a nice bed of weeds to start munching on, some dirt to take a bath in, and plenty of food and water. I think we're gonna love it here!

One of the pullets checks out the view from the roost!

Weeds, food, water, dirt ... what more could a girl ask for?!
EGG-UCATION - some people think that keeping chickens will increase pests (like rodents) and bugs and flies. Truth is that rodents (like mice) are frequently found near where people live, and if you leave pet food where they can get to it, then it might become a problem. But they might also be a snack as chickens have been known to eat mice! Some breeds are really good mouse catchers! Chickens also eat lots of insects and insect larva, such as flies and maggots, most beetle grubs, ticks, even stink bugs! They'll dig them up or chase the flying ones! Funny thing is, chickens leave most of the beneficial insects alone (like pollinators and insect predators.) They're pretty smart!

May the flock be with you!

Cock-a-doodle-cheep, cheep from your Peeps!