Sunday, June 7, 2015

My baby girl is ten!

My baby girl is ten! Where have the years gone?!

She is smart, sensitive, caring & compassionate. She loves to swim, cook, craft, & sing.
She is self-driven, works hard, & something of a perfectionist (when she chooses!)
She has a great belly laugh when you get her going!
She is strong-willed, occasionally defiant, but quick to apologize & forgive.
She is a force to be reckoned with!

In honor of reaching this double-digit milestone,
we had a Girls Glamor Party to celebrate! 

Four of her best friends (H, K, F & M) joined us for an afternoon of nail-painting & photography fun, with lots of yummy treats thrown in.

Professional nail painting ...

Glamour photos ... 

Do you remember the era of the "United Colors of Benetton"?? (They still exist!) ... 
These spectacular kids would make a great poster for them!

T's best friends from school, swimming, & life ... a beautiful bunch of girls — inside and out!

This year's birthday dessert ... cream puffs & strawberries ... Y.U.M. 

The girls enjoyed a healthy assortment of tasty birthday treats!

I love you sweet T!!