Friday, July 3, 2015

A young man is emerging!

Our wonder-full young man has entered the tween era!

He is energetic, active, cuddly & sweet.
He has an ear for music & voices - he can name tons of radio songs &/or artists, 
other songs that they sing, or movies they sing in! He picks voice actors in animated movies too!
He loves to sing, but won't do it for a crowd.
He loves all things Minion, LEGO, & Big Hero 6.
He (finally) loves to ride his bike.

He loves his sister ... most days!

He gets himself into a good bit of this! 

S'more Birthday treats were requested ... 

Sparkly fun is an annual birthday tradition for this July-born boy! 

New construction challenges met with Meccano ...

Party time! K & his best friend T had a night at Chuck-E-Cheese's playing video games!!

I love you K-man!!