Friday, August 12, 2016

Crappy Birthday to me?

That's my house ... and the street in front of it ... earlier this evening ...

Crappy Birthday to me, Crappy Birthday to me ... :\

Firstly, I am overwhelmed by the many well wishes for joy, happiness, and continued prayers that you have all offered me today. The day started off GREAT and very HAPPY indeed!

My daughter, with whom I had been at odds for most of the day yesterday, woke at 5:30am to decorate our dining room with Birthday decor, because she knew I wasn't exactly in "celebration mode" for this birthday, all things considered. She went all out ... see photo ... and I think it was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received!! I made waffles for breakfast to keep up the momentum. I got to eat one before we had to head out the door to appointment #1. So far so good. And then ...

My loving daughter surprised me by decorating this morning :)
The day was busy with appointments of one kind or another (yes, even on my Birthday) and my carefully planned day, enveloped in 90°+ weather and 1000% humidity, turned south when my car battery DIED mid-morning, creating a substantial disturbance in the Force. Apart from nearly melting in the heat, I missed an important appointment that can't be rescheduled. I thanked T for the morning decorations again.

After dear hubby rescued me and I swapped to an un-A/C pickup truck I tried to create a mid-day bright spot by stopping for ice cream - for the kids. I have neuropathy, a chemo side-effect, that I can't enjoy cold foods, drinks, water, or handle cold things ... but I did sample a little ice-cream anyway and swished it around in my mouth a little to warm it up before swallowing. Yum?

Another afternoon appointment did not allow me much rest time, and I was truly fatigued by the heat, and still pretty sore about the car battery, but I was counting down to going out for dinner, and a tender juicy steak & Caesar salad ... wish granted. But I was so hungry that I ate too fast, almost to the point of nausea. Belly aching, we headed home. Dark storm clouds nearing, thunder and lightning, we make it home before a gully-washer unleashes it's fury!!

My darling Princesita chose and colored this gorgeous picture for me
So we get home and settle into a family movie ... there is a knock at the door 20 minutes later and the neighbor was there to tell me the street was flooded up to our porch (see top photo), which meant water was pouring in our basement. The basement drain seemed to handle it ok. The biggest loss that we have discovered so far are basement pantry items, but now we will have to battle mold, while our dehumidifier is already running all day-every day.

It was all a recipe for two very grumpy, short-tempered parents. And God has graced us with two incredibly resilient, thoughtful, on-their-best-behavior, grace-filled kids, who are watching us melt down ... and offering hugs. 

The floodwaters have receded (drains were blocked due to road construction), and we decided to finish watching the movie to take our minds off things before we assess the full extent of damage/loss in the basement.

God is good. It could have been much worse. I had a 'spare' vehicle to use. The steak was juicy & tasty! Our basement is not a complete washout. I am loved, and I have a dining room full of "Happy", to remind me of that ... not to mention all your wonderful wishes!

So, I guess it really is a Happy Birthday after all! 

PS. My first Chemo went very well. Mild neuropathy (as explained above and expected to accumulate through treatments) and fatigue a couple days after, but otherwise feeling pretty fine. Good appetite. No nausea Praise God!! My Ostomy is giving me all kinds of trouble due to my sensitivity to adhesives, and I had a major blowout last night at midnight {sigh}, so I entered this day sleep-deprived. God knew I really needed my daughter's gift this morning to get me through this day.

Next Chemo is Monday, August 15th.