Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 37 ...

G'day folks!

Day 37 and counting ...

It's easy to think of all the things I have missed in these past five {unexpected} weeks ... like my family (the kids have not been able to visit anywhere near as frequently as their Papa); the Fall color change (my favorite time of year), which started the week I entered the hospital; Thanksgiving celebrations & dinners, not that I didn't give thanks!; eating; two tooth losses (one each kid!); seeing friends (I had to curb visitors for a number of reasons); swim meets; the great outdoors ... I could go on...

But instead I will think of what I have gained. Victory! I have battled rectal cancer this year and as far as I am concerned, have WON! No more treatments (though plenty of check-ups to come!) I have grown sympathy, empathy, and compassion. You may not believe it, but I was a little short on those. I was a "Suck it in, get over it, and get on with life" kinda person. I am not kidding! I understand now that pain, hurt, and disease can be invisible, and easily masked. I have gained an extraordinary new and heightened appreciation for my husband as he has worked hard to hold all things together, including himself, as he has watched me endure these past weeks. I have gained a new appreciation for food - even if I can't eat much yet - and ways to prepare it (thanks Food Network!) I am eager to get back in the kitchen, and share the space (which I didn't much before) with a daughter who tells me cooking and baking is {one of} her passions. I have seen my kids grow in compassion, courage, love, and faith.

So, as for me and my progress... I had surgery two weeks ago to fix an adhesion {blockage} in my small intestine (about 12 inches removed) and reorganize my bowel. I also endured two more goes with the NG tube in the past two weeks. Well, I am pleased to report that the plumbing is now consistently {and continually} flowing south, four days now! I no longer have an NG tube (hallelujah!) nor any other tubes on my face! I am down to one IV connection (from as many as five) which should be removed tomorrow, which means I am eating {tentatively} again! My stomach is the size of a walnut after not eating for 5 weeks, so I have some reconditioning to do. I walked the hallway without a walker today for the first time, but have a very long road ahead by way of rebuilding my muscles and strength.

Heading home soon.

Anyway, my brain is plain wore out. Evening shadows have fallen, and there's a soppy chick-flick on Hallmark Channel waiting to entertain me.

Thanks for continued love & support & prayers!

By God's grace,


Look, no tubes! Dec 2, 2016.