Friday, December 8, 2017

30 Days of Thanksgiving

1st. Praise God I've been cancer free for 16 months!
2nd. I'm thankful for an amazing husband <3

3rd. I'm thankful for our terrific tweenage kids <3

4th. Thank you for/to my wonderful, caring friends
5th. I'm grateful to experience Autumn "in the flesh" this year!
6th. Thankful for Cyber School and the academic progress happening through it
7th. Grateful for a warm home as it snows outside!
8th. I'm thankful I have almost regained my former strength
9th. I love that my hair is growing in curly!!
10th. I am grateful for my job, my bosses, & my co-workers
11th. I thank God for an amazing church family
12th. I am thankful that my neuropathy is 98% gone
13th. I praise God for his abundant provision for our needs
14th. I am excited to have my taste buds fully functioning again and am eager to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner next week!
15th. I thank God for His grace & mercy
16th. I thank God for His faithfulness
17th. I thank God for forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ
18th. I thank God for reunification 

19th. I thank God for his presence in my children's lives
20th. I am thankful for the love story known as ADOPTION
21st. I thank God for my bonus families 
22nd. I'm grateful everything is ready to go in the oven tomorrow...
23rd. I'm thankful for a delicious Thanksgiving meal

24th. Praise God from whom all blessings flow
25th. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers! YUM!
26th. I thank God for our spiritual leaders and their pastoral care
27th. I thank God for revealing new truths and insights through my Bible Study small group
28th. I'm thankful for our beautiful & affectionate dog Biskit

29th. I'm excited for a Christmas & New Year spent with LAINGs!!
30th. I'm thankful for Advent and how it helps us focus on the true meaning of, and celebration of, Christmas. Let the countdown begin!